SYNTHON! connects all streamers by utilizing Twitch’ Raiding feature, where one streamer can take all their viewers to a next channel.


Near the end of your stream, await confirmation from GSG admins, chat or the following artist in your chat that next artist is live and streaming and use the Creator Dashboard (see below) or type this command in chat window:

/raid channelname

where it says ‘channelname’ you type/copy/paste the EXACT technical name of the next streamer in the lineup. you can find it in the channel’s url after


channel url
command: /raid goldenshrimpguild

press enter and wait till you are on the other side. it shows a pop-up box in the top of your chat window, you can click here to raid more quickly.

  • TIP: You can also use the Twitch Creator Dashboard for raiding, in that case, make sure you follow your raid target, and just use the ‘Raid Channel’ button and select the streamer to raid.
  • Twitch has been having some issues lately with some mobile viewers being left behind after a raid. It can help to raid a second time to get those over as well.

GSG Overlay

SYNTHON! uses a minimalistic overlay to communicate animated announcements, logo’s and some more fun. When playing at SynthOn, placing the overlay in your main OBS Scenes is a requirement.


1.  Press the + in the bottom left of your OBS scene box.

2.  Choose ‘Browser’ to add a new browser source, and call it ‘GSG Overlay’ or something.

3.  Paste where it says URL.

4.  Set 1920 x 1080 as Width and Height, and click ‘OK’.

5.  If necessary scale to fit the bounding box full screen (transform > fit to screen). Make sure it is on top. It might take a minute to load and show initially.

  • PRO TIP: Create a Scene in OBS with only the overlay, and add this Scene as a top layer to your Scenes instead. Create a hotkey (OBS Settings) for disabling the Overlay in only that Scene and you will be able to turn it off and on with one key command.
  • In StreamLabs OBS it is a little different than you might be used to, bottom line is to use ‘add a Browser Source’ to the layers in your Scenes.

VODs and Highlights

If you are new, we need to look at your VODs to check if you got a stable and tested stream, so you need to turn this feature on for us to be able to check them out. Also, usually the Friday after SYNTHON! we do a special Highlight viewing of all the sets on the GSG Twitch channel. For us to be able to show and promote your stream and channel, you need to enable the VOD (Video on Demand) feature in your Twitch profile, and share your desired starting point of the Highlight.


1.  Copy this link to your browser and and replace [yourchannelname] with your actual Twitch profile name:[yourchannelname]/settings/stream – Or check out the Twitch help page about VODs.

2.  Scroll down to ‘VOD Settings’ and make sure ‘Store past broadcasts’ and ‘Always Publish VODs’ are turned on. This will save your streams for 14 days for Twitch Affiliates, 60 days for Twitch partners and 7 days for non-affiliates.


3.  Usually a day after the event ends, a special VOD/Highlight sheet will be posted in the GSG Discord. You can use this to enjoy other peoples past performances and set your personal Timecoded VOD Link, so that your highlight starts at the point where you want it to start, otherwise, we will just select a random bit.

4.  To set your Timecoded VOD, go to your Twitch page, go to ‘Videos’ and click your VOD. At the point where you want your highlight to start, click the ‘Share’ button and make sure the ‘Skip to ..’ checkbox is turned on before you use the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ function to put your timecodes link the the VOD/Highlight sheet.

5.  Optional: You can also create a more advanced edited highlight by using the Twitch Highlighter. In order to do this, go to your VOD, click the three dots and select ‘Edit’. In the next screen click ‘Highlight’ in the top left and use the Twitch interface to edit your custom Highlight. Although we usually show about 2 minutes of your stream, make sure the Highlight is at least 3 minutes long to allow us to fade in and extend the highlight if requested by viewers in the chat.