GSG Jam Strategy Cards

Challenge and inspire yourself with all kinds of twists, ideas and experiments for your music projects. Update your studio creativity with 75 unique cards with each their own design and strategy. Inspired on the idea of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies yet focused on 21st-century live electronic music jamming and production.


All Cards — Original + ’23 Booster + ’22 Booster — 75 GSG Jam Strategy Cards


2023 Booster Pack — 10 GSG Jam Strategy Cards


Original + ’22 Booster — 65 GSG Jam Strategy Cards


First Deck — 55 GSG Jam Strategy Cards


2022 Booster Pack — 10 GSG Jam Strategy Cards


Hive Mind Synthesis Backlight Kit for Roland TR-505 and TR-626


Coming Soon!

A.I.M. 14 HP Eurorack & Desktop GSG Jam Strategy Card Interface – STL 3D-Print File


Hive Mind Synthesis Honey – Solar to CV


Coming Soon!

Circuit-Bent Speak and Spell


Coming Soon!

As featured at Sonic State:

The GSG Jam Strategy Cards are an initiative of Daniel Kushner and Joris Visser of The Golden Shrimp Guild. Product conceptualization, project management, layout and graphic designs by Actitect.